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The New Luxury Range

Premium saunas (16)

Modular houses (1)

Swimming Pool (4)

Saunas (34)

Hot Tub (14)

Garden jacuzzi (3)

Garden houses (5)

All in one (6)


We are proud that we can be different – simply better. We treat every entrepreneur seriously and in accordance with the principles of Fair Play.

What’s more, we care about building long-term and partner business relationships, while guaranteeing your company:


We stick to the rules and always work 100% for you to receive your order as planned and on time.


We care about the highest standards of products that are valued on the market for their exceptional quality.


Continuous development of the machine park and investments in innovative technologies is the natural order of things, on which we never save money.


Your needs that motivate us to act, so we will provide convenient terms for orders and organize logistics.

Get to know our benefits

We make saunas, hot tubs, saunas and cabins with quality, from the heart and thinking about how many good emotions and fun moments they will bring to our customers

Certified wood

The wood supply chain certificate confirms that the wood used in production comes from responsibly managed forests and that this material is traceable throughout the production and trade process, from the forest manager to the end product manufacturer.

Unique design

The product has a design registration certificate issued by the EU.

Harvia Stoves

Stylish, quality wood-burning stoves in various sizes, models and types.

Katepal roofing

Flexural strength and better crack resistance. Flexibility at low temperatures. Durable material. Good adhesion to grainy surfaces.

Stainless steel strips

Our products are sourced from the best steel mills in the world.

The possibility of self-assembly

The products are very carefully packed and prepared for safe transportation. The packages are additionally reinforced so that the cargo reaches the buyer undamaged.



Thanks to cooperation with LCG, a Polish manufacturer of wooden garden architecture, you will gain not only regular and loyal customers, but also something priceless – respect and trust. This is the greatest treasure in business, for which you work tirelessly for years. However, remember about a very important thing that should be kept in mind: “you should always offer the customer what he wants, what he dreams about, and you will never complain about the lack of customers.”

Do you want to design the space around your home, or maybe you dream of a well-equipped recreation area in your holiday resort?

Our garden architecture, summer houses, gazebos, saunas and hot tubs (banyas) are made of natural wooden materials that are characterized by a simple Scandinavian design and easy assembly. By buying them directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure that each element has been precisely made by our experienced carpenters. The attractive price is free of additional costs that would be added when purchasing equipment from intermediaries.

Aesthetic green space equipment

Imagine a beautiful green area with a Finnish sauna where you can relax and regenerate after a tough day. Right next to it you will find a tub of ice-cold water, preserved in the same natural, simple style, into which you can jump to firm your body and strengthen your condition, as well as gain strength. Within your sight, there are charming houses and gazebos where you can relax, read a book, drink coffee or spend time with your friends at an evening barbecue. Russian banyas are do not only cool your body but also allow you to take a hot bath. These great wooden garden structures will certainly diversify the visit of tourists in every holiday place. The use of wood to design external architecture allows you to create a coherent, natural composition.

Trust in our experience and passion

The components from which the houses, hot tubs and other wooden garden structures are assembled are made of dried spruce, larch, thermowood and pine boards. The raw material undergoes a technological process, thanks to which it acquires resistance to external factors and does not deform during use. We use wood of Polish origin, purchased from the State Forests. The building material is characterized by excellent insulating properties, which are very important in the production of houses, banyas and saunas. Objects made of this element affect the feeling of coziness.

Wooden garden equipment

The wooden garden structures made by our team have good acoustic parameters; they absorb sounds, reduce echoes, which affects privacy and create a relaxing atmosphere. Simple, Scandinavian design can be easily adjusted. Thanks to impregnation and painting, you will gain your dream colors and furniture in the most desired style. Check our offer of wooden gazebos, summer houses, hot tubs, banyas and saunas.