We have been dealing with wooden crafts for many years
– step by step gaining valuable experience in woodworking.

Our qualified team of carpenters ensures the highest quality of the product so that your customers can enjoy a unique sauna, one of the practical garden houses or a gazebo. We build all constructions only from quality \ materials.

Spruce, pine and larch wood is a solid building material distinguished by its durability and elegance. Although we use the most modern tools and machines, we constantly make sure that each product is a sophisticated and unique work of art.

Thanks to our specialization, we can offer high quality products at a reasonable price, and what’s more, we will always adapt to the requirements of our customers.

We are developing – our business horizons are not only Romania, but also the UE markets. This is a proof that customers appreciate our work and trust us. We offer our products to retail customers, wholesalersgarden shops, hotels, agritourism, sports centers and the broadly understood wellness industry.

Reliability and excellent performance: in the case of LCG products, these are fundamental principles for us.

Our products have become a huge icon in the field of healthy living and we aim to keep it that way.

The design and manufacture of Luca Company Group products have been of the highest standards from the outset in terms of quality and efficiency.
While we focus on modern design for our products, we have collaborated with industry leaders to ensure and guarantee the best quality available on the market.
Thanks to our excellent and constant growth, Luca Company Group has become one of the largest provider of wooden mushrooms and wooden saunas. We design and improve our products from the ground up through in-depth specialist research and development. Thus, you can have a pleasant experience in the sauna or in the long-lasting sauna.
The wooden cabin and sauna offered by Luca Company Group with an ergonomic design intended to have a single mission, to offer you the experience of refined relaxation. Enjoy precious, fun and valuable time with family and friends or spend an intimate night with your loved one.
Here at LCG, our mission is to produce the best products and fully satisfy all our customers. To enable us to improve our service, we encourage feedback - for us, customer happiness is our only measure of success.
  • Improves circulation and reduces tension.
  • It helps burn fat faster.
  • It improves the ability to fall asleep faster and helps you sleep well.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Soothes headaches.
  • Lowers blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Great for your skin.
  • Aromatherapy

Owning a wooden stove opens up a new world of comfort and leisure.

If you stock up on aromatherapy products, they can be added to the water to make your spa sessions even more relaxing! This opens up a whole new aspect of relaxation with their soothing scent.


At Luca Company Group, we believe that safety, quality and production are equally important for business development. We work hard to create a safe working environment, where all employees are trained in safety, to recognize and avoid hazards, with management that leads effectively and demonstrates this total commitment to safety.
We like challenges to excel and we believe that everyone at Luca Company Group has opportunities for career development. We carefully select the staff we qualify and train to be able to reward us with superior performance. We recognize and appreciate our responsibility towards our staff and focus on improving the quality, safety and well-being of the company they serve.
Our production workshop prides itself on providing a quality product and service on time, right from the start. We strive to place a signature on all our projects by consistently meeting requirements, specifications and delivering sustainable projects that are of superior value to the owner.
The Luca Company Group team strives to develop innovative methods to build more efficient projects and turn them into opportunities for creative solutions.

Why Luca Company Group?


In the manufacturing and assembly process we work with industry leaders for every component.


Modern and visually appealing sauna designs that are made to last a lifetime and blend in with your chosen environment.


Quick, easy to understand and helpful communication at all times. From useful advice in choosing products and design to safe delivery to the location of your choice